About Us


Who are we?

Chris and Justin have been working at the range for over 5+ years. They have together owned the store for over a year now. We are proudly a local, family owned and operated business. Justin is the in house Firearms Instructor. Chris is our full time Gun Smith Extraordinaire. 



Pistol Range: 30 yards, 6 Lanes standing only

Rifle Range: 40 yards, 3 standing positions and 2 designated bench positions.

Fresh air ventilation provided at all times. Please dress for the weather outside, that is what is blowing in through the ventilation system.

 Due to Armor Piercing Rounds being snuck into our facility and used, we must restrict all rifles. ONLY 5.56 caliber and SMALLER in STANDING POSITIONS. Anything Larger than 5.56 Cal MUST USE BENCH POSITIONS until we can facilitate a proper repair. We apologize to our regular customers for this inconvenience but we have to take safe guard measures. 



We do have rentals available. If you are looking for a specific gun, please call and ask. We keep several .22lr's, 9mm, .38, .380, .40, .45ACP and 10 mm handguns. We just added a .44 MAG for the adventurous shooter.

Rifles are available as well. a few .22lr's, an AR-15 5.56, an AK47 7.62x39, 9mm and .40 carbine as well as a 20 guage shotgun.