North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun License

OUR NEXT NC CCH COURSE IS JANUARY 26 from 10AM-6PM. Contact Bennett Greenburg at 828-877-6531 to get signed up.


Justin Fisher Instructor


Justin brings a wealth of knowledge to his classes. Justin spent 6 years in the ARMY with 2 years in Afghanistan, and 3 years as a local Police Officer. Justin brings his specialized training and background and brings it to you in the classroom.



Classes offered are:

Basic pistol

Semi-Auto Rifle


Classes are done by appointment only, Fridays and Saturdays. Classes are $50 per hour for individuals or couples.

Bennett Greenberg


Bennett has been teaching for 25+ years. Bennett Offers individual classes as well as group instruction. He offers basic pistol, advanced/tactical handgun, defense in the home, shotgun and many other options. Classes are $50 an hour by appointment only. 

NC-Concealed Carry Classes are offered at bear arms the fourth Saturday of the month. Classes are a 1 time fee of $100, you never pay for the class again at renewal time.